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This is where you can find the Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei Project.  It is a complete reimagining of Yoshihiro Togashi’s popular Yu Yu Hakusho series of manga and anime.


Yu Yu Hakusho is the story of Yusuke Urameshi, a teenage delinquent who sacrifices himself to save a little boy.  There is no place for him in the afterlife, so Yusuke is given the opportunity to come back to life.  The catch?  He has to work as a Spirit Detective!  Though Yusuke complains that he has been tricked into slave labor, his new mission brings him friends (of which he had few) and a purpose in life (of which he had none).


This is a fantastic premise for a story, and many people love Yu Yu Hakusho just as it is.  I love it, too; I wouldn’t have stayed with it as long as I have if I didn’t.  That said, I have had a very long time to pore over this series.  I have also engaged with its fandom for over fifteen years.  I have read countless stories and critical analyses written by other fans, seen their art, watched their videos.  Most of those fans have since moved on to other fandoms.  This isn’t surprising; it’s natural for people to lose interest when there have been no significant additions to canon in over two decades.  Still, it saddens me.  With fewer and fewer fan-made works to enjoy, how can I keep my love of Yu Yu Hakusho and its characters alive?  Now would be the appropriate time for a new anime to rekindle my interest…

A New Anime?!

2017 is the 25th anniversary of the original Yu Yu Hakusho anime's 1992 debut.  Major milestones like this are when a series might be considered for a reboot.  Some fans may have even gotten their hopes up based on the recent reboots of series such as Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon.  If they can get reboots, why can't Yu Yu Hakusho?


Here’s the thing: The new anime adaptation for each of the rebooted series is significantly different from its forerunner.  Dragon Ball Kai, while composed of material from the original 1990s anime, removes nearly 130 episodes of anime-only filler.  As a result, Dragon Ball Kai is only half the length of the original series.  It’s practically a brand-new story.  Sailor Moon Crystal, meanwhile, discards all 200 episodes of the 1990s anime in favor of a 39-episode story that follows the manga to the letter.  Both of these new anime adaptations are different enough from their previous adaptations to be justified.  Moreover, they are drastically shorter than their previous adaptations.  This is crucial from a production point of view, since fewer episodes means lower production costs.


Yu Yu Hakusho was, and is, a wonderful show.  It faithfully adhered to its source manga, and those few changes that were made only improved on the manga, cutting out much of the early filler and expanding things when appropriate.  The Yu Yu Hakusho anime that we received in the 1990s is truly the best and shortest manga-faithful adaptation it could have been.  You certainly couldn’t cut out half of its episodes and still call it a complete series.  Therefore, any new manga-faithful anime adaptation would be practically identical to the original anime in terms of story and plot.  And why would you spend millions of dollars to animate 112 episodes of the exact same story when you can just sell the old product again in a new package?


The only news I have seen for Yu Yu Hakusho’s 25th anniversary is a Japanese rebroadcast of the original anime adaptation.  It will likely be followed by another repackaging of the same.  This decision makes me doubt that an official reboot is coming.  I can’t say with 100% certainty that it won’t happen, but it wouldn’t make much sense.  A more plausible option might be a canon-adjacent movie like Poltergeist Report being announced during or after the anime’s rebroadcast (i.e. after a new generation has been introduced to the series and there’s a bigger market for a new movie).  But that’s pure speculation on my part, and I’ve seen no news about that.  Realistically, the most that I expect is a 5-minute picture drama included as part of the anime’s repackage.


So, there is no official reboot for the time being.  What's a fan with a background in writing and a strong desire for new Yu Yu Hakusho material to do?

Yu Yu Hakusho, Reimagined

The Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei Project is my personal reimagining of the series.  Its goal is to break Yu Yu Hakusho’s story and characters down to their key components and reassemble them in a way that is familiar to fans but different from any previous adaptation.  In other words, it is an attempt to create a new story from the old material.  I am posting it here in the hope that others will find it and enjoy it.


To be clear, I am not saying that this is the only way that Yu Yu Hakusho could be rewritten.  This is merely the way that I would write it if it were to receive a reboot.  The Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei Project is the result of having spent many years in the fandom, observing what the fans have been most interested in seeing, what they have generally disliked, what brilliant headcanons they have thought up, and what plot holes or inconsistencies they have uncovered.  As such, although Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei is written by one person and reflects that one person’s individual tastes, it is also influenced by the work of thousands of other people.  While it is not perfect and is unlikely to please every reader, I feel that it honors the original Yu Yu Hakusho series.


Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei focuses on Yusuke Urameshi as a Spirit Detective and culminates with his clash against Shinobu Sensui.  Many of the cases from the first season keep their basic premise but are written with new story structure, new perspective, new fights, and an emphasis on character development.  Characters or plot elements from the second season onward will be included as entirely new Spirit Detective cases.  (Example: I will include Jin and Touya, but they will not be competitors in a Dark Tournament; instead, I will build on their own story about a group trying to establish a colony on an island.)  Each of these cases will connect to a long-term plot, and no part of the main story will ever be a “filler episode” or an “unnecessary detour.”  At least, that is the plan.

Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei is intended for audiences 13 years and older.  Specific content warnings will be listed with the Table of Contents of each individual story, so you can skip any content that makes you uncomfortable.  In addition, for your convenience, any intentionally romantic relationships will be listed on the main page of the story in which they appear.  Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei includes both heterosexual and LGBT relationships portrayed in a favorable light, so if any of the listed ships bother you, you can back out at any time.


In addition to the stories, please feel free to browse all the art, character profiles, and information this site has to offer.  Enjoy your stay!