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MAYURI HOSHIGAWA, main writer and artist
ALTERNATE NAMES  Mayushii; Anomura


SUMMARY  Whether in books or on screen, stories have always been Mayuri's greatest passion and joy.  Although she has long since given up writing as a career path for herself, she does produce a story once in a while.
FAVORITE QUOTE  "Knowledge of what is possible is the beginning of happiness."  - George Santayana

MONDTANZ, German translator
SUMMARY  I started reading quite early and have always enjoyed good works of fiction, be it classical crime stories, fantasy or science fiction. Among my favourite authors are Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Wendy and Richard Pini (still waiting for that "EQ-Movie", will probably never happen, though), David Eddings, R. A. Salvatore and James Barclay.

When I was introduced to a wider range of TV programs with getting cable in the late 80s, I quickly got into anime. My current favourites are Inu YashaBleach and Yu Yu Hakusho (which I admit I discovered by accident. Neither the manga nor the anime were known to me until a short time ago).
Well-written stories have always fascinated me and I can only imagine how much time and thought have to be invested. Sadly, I lack the kind of creativity to write my own stories... My motivation for translating the Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei Project is to make this story available for those who are interested in the manga/anime, but know the German language better than English. While doing this I may even be able to learn something about writing, so I'll be able to create my own stories at some point.