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Official Art


This is official art that I have commissioned or drawn for the Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei Project.  The artists put a lot of love and work into these and I did pay to have most of these drawn, so please be respectful and do not take art from this site without crediting the artist and the project!  If you wish to feature one of these pictures on Tumblr or something like that, I ask that you clearly label it as "drawn by [artist name] for the Yu Yu Hakusho Saisei Project."

**Do not attempt to claim these pictures as your own work and do not under any circumstances attempt to sell them.

***Do not attempt to crop, cover, or otherwise remove the artists' signatures and/or watermarks from these pictures.
"Forest of Kubikukuri Island"
by IKR 2/14/2013
"Keiko, Marks of Beauty"
by Anomura 3/27/2013
"A Sad and Beautiful Girl"
by Anomura 4/12/2013

"We Are Team Urameshi!"

by Anomura 4/6/2013

"It's Just A Life..."
by JanirotLuvX 5/14/2013
"Kuwabara, Animal Rescue!"
by Danzzila 6/12/2013
"More Than He Was"
by JanirotLuvX 6/22/2013
"Not Here To Play Hero"
by JanirotLuvX 4/10/2014
"Kurama and Hiei"
by Inma R. 8/21/2015

*This space reserved for JanirotLuvX 2/16/2015 (date of order)